Calle Kabo

Who is Calle Kabo? Web developer, freelancer, freedom fighter, car mechanic, motorcyclist, photographer, shooter, the list can be made long. Here you can catch a glimpse of who Calle Kabo is.

Quick facts

  • Born
    March 29, 1983
  • Residence
    Mullhyttan, Örebro, Sweden
  • Family
    Wife, 2 sons


I've been through a lot of web projects and I know my way around. Installing Linux, setting up Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc, setting up revision control system, project management system, dev-, test-, staging- and production-environments, write unit-tests and browser-tests, write the web application, optimize, deploy, monitor and maintain.


e-man ABe-man AB

I was attracted to e-man because I wanted to continue learning new skills and challenge myself. At KVD we were looking into integration a lot and knew how important it was that it worked, so it felt natural to keep going in that direction.

We work a lot with AWS/cloud, Tibco, Java, Camel and Linux.

KVD Kvarndammen ABKVD Kvarndammen AB

I succeeded in implementing the use of revision control system, IDE, layered codebase, unit tests, a common coding standard and SCRUM among other things. I was also the driving force behind the transit to Linux servers, away from Windows.

When I started the development team was approximately 5 people. As the team grew the role as senior developer came to me and the two guys who had been there the longest very naturally. When they left the company to start their own business I stepped up as head of development. What does that mean? I have no staff liability (which I see as something good), so how about project coordinator / systems architect / project leader / lead developer?

Berazy Mobile Entertainment ABBerazy Mobile
Entertainment AB

  • Year
    2007 - 2009
  • Title
    System developer
    Lead developer

Straight from university I started working for a small company i Gothenburg. We sold stuff for cell phones like backgrounds, games, etc. Our subsidiary mBiljett sold SMS-tickets for the Gothenburg pass, Swedish International Travel and Tourism Trade Fair, Gothenburg Boat Show and Gothenburg Book Fair.

This was a company with a high employee turnover. I toughed it out and was promoted to lead developer. Berazy had some success and was bought by the sixth AP-fund during 2008. We grew and adopted project management systems, revision control systems, SCRUM, IDEs, etc. In 2009 the new owners were not satisfied with how things were going so Berazy was liquidated.




Fjugesta PSKFjugesta PSK

I'm an active shooter and figured that a good way to combine two of my interests would be to make a new website for my club. Now there's not just one person that can update the website, and there's no need to know HTML in order to do so.

There's also a members area, a Google calendar for competitions and practices, etc.

SM MotorSM Motor

SM Motor was in need of a fresh website, so I helped them out. Now they can keep their customers updated, upload images of their current project, and more, with ease.

I also ensured that they got from the sixth page to the first page on Google for the search "motorrenovering göteborg" (engine blueprinting in gothenburg).


Something was missing in regards to information about guns in Sweden. There is a lot of information on the internet about guns, but most of it handles the US and is not applicable to Sweden. So I made a website that collects facts and statistics about guns in Sweden. What is a gun, who owns guns in Sweden, what's the relation between guns and crime, Swedish gun laws, etc.

Vapenfakta is also on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Wedding coupleWedding photographer

  • Year
  • Camera
    Canon EOS 50D

When my best friend got married I had the honor of taking their wedding photos. I took pictures with and without flash, made classical compositions and some a bit more quirky.

They were very pleased!


2 Android apps
jQuery plugins
Web apps


Lunds tekniska högskolaBachelor of Engeneering
in multimedia technology

Lunds tekniska högskola, 2004 - 2007

This was a very broad program in terms of ground covered. I found the courses where I was project manager, the courses on databases, communicative design and security. The program focused on the communication between people with the help of modern technology. My examination paper remains to be done. Website »

This program has given me a solid base to work from, as well as complementary knowledge in adjacent areas.

Besides my education at LTH:
Helsingborgsspexet, I appeared on stage and got engaged in the board
Phøset, i.e. the welcoming committee for the new students
Sexmästeriet i.e. the party committee of the Engeneering section

Video course Video course

Molkoms folkhögskola, 2003 - 2004

This one-year program consisted the aspects of movie making; planing, lighting, casting, filning, directing, post production, etc. This is where I learned how shutter, ISO and aperture functions together and my interest of still photography awoke. Website »

We had a lot of projects where I often had a prominent role. I focused mostly on the technical aspects, but also found myself in front of the camera on occasion.


Drivers license
Motorcycle Car
Licensed hunter
Hunting rifle
PADI Open Water


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